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TnT's Workout Blog

"Are you guys runners? You look like runners.
They are my favorite kind of people."
- Christy Shimp
@ Thu 27/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 4.83K
Time 36:31
Pace 7:11
HR 127
Calories 329
Comments Sunny and cool, +14C.

@ Wed 26/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 6.02K
Time 1:03:32
Pace 9:41
HR 132
Calories 393
Comments Sunny and cool, +14C. We ran 12 x 50s uphill intervals, walking back down to recover, and ended the exercise with 4 short and quick intervals on a steeper slope.

@ Tue 25/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course Meylan
Distance 6K
Time 40:00
Comments Partly cloudy and cooler. Tomi ran at lunch time.

@ Sun 23/07/2017
Exercise Hike/run
Course Chamechaude
Distance 7.5K
Time 2:54:28
Pace 15:09
HR 113
Calories 522
Comments Partly cloudy to sunny, and warm. We had completely different plan first; to take the bus 6010 to Chamrousse and then run back, but the bus never came to Bir Hakeim. We returned home and booked a car and drove to Col de Porte to climb Chamechaude. Total ascent and descent 711m. Total running this week only 26.01K.

@ Sat 22/07/2017
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.81K
Time 56:07
Pace 8:54
HR 128
Calories 336
Comments Sunny and warm, +17C. We took the stairs up and ran down. Yesterday's heavy rain had done quite a bit of damage to the path.

@ Thu 20/07/2017
Exercise Stairs/Walk/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.90K
Time 57:50
Pace 9:28
HR 127
Calories 324
Comments Sunny and very warm. I walked the stairs up, and took the path down walking the first (sunny) section and running the second (in shade).

@ Wed 19/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Tronche
Distance 5.65K
Time 40:51
Pace 7:07
HR 128
Calories 388
Comments Sunnya and warm, +20C. Another easy run on a little hilly route.

@ Tue 18/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 3.15K
Time 22:38
Pace 7:05
HR 128
Calories 222
Comments Sunny and warm, +18C. Very easy and short run.

@ Sun 16/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course ViaVercors: Lans-en-Vercors - Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte - Lans-en-Vercors
Distance 17.45K
Time 2:37:44
Pace 8:30
HR 148
Calories 1183
Comments Sunny and cooler at the altitude. We ran most of the way, with the exception of the steepest uphills. Total ascent and descent 537m. Total running this week 36.55K.

@ Sat 15/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 6.3K
Time 38:46
Pace 6:09
HR 141
Calories 423
Comments Sunny and warm. This was a 30-minute tempo run at about 5:30 - 5:50.

@ Thu 13/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.53K
Time 47:03
Pace 9:18
HR 133
Calories 308
Comments Sunny and warm, a strong wind early in the morning. We ran hill intervals: first, 10 x 23s short hills and jogged down, then 4 x longer ones --- 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s at around 5:45 - 6:20.

@ Tue 11/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 8.27K
Time 1:00:16
Pace 7:11
HR 126
Calories 584
Comments Cloudy and warm. Easy recovery run, although some 20 minutes longer than planned.

@ Sun 09/07/2017
Exercise Hike
Course Col-des-Ayes - Pravouta - Col-de-Coq
Distance 4.88K
Time 2:00
Pace 17:10
HR 103
Calories 343
Comments Cloudy but still warm. This was an easy recovery hike. It was raining lightly as we started, but just when we reached the summit of Pravouta, the wind got stronger and the rain heavier. It was still quite warm though. Total climb 349m and descent 354m. Total running and hiking this week 48.26K.

@ Sat 08/07/2017
Exercise Hike/Run
Course Saint-Ismier - Habert-de-Chamechaude - Sappey-en-Chartreuse - Corenc
Distance 19.76K
Time 3:56:08 (5:08:07)
Pace 11:59
HR 123
Calories 1302
Comments Sunny and very warm, +19 - +36C. We took an early morning bus to Saint-Ismier, from where we started a tedious climb up to Cold-de-la-Faitas. We continued from Chalet-Emeindras to Habert-de-Chamechaude, and then to Sappey-en-Chartreuse, where we missed the bus just by a couple of minutes. After a refueling break we decided to take our chance and run to Corenc to catch another bus. After an hour long run, we found out that the bus was on reservation only. There being no bus, we had no other way but walk home. Total climb was 1589m, and descent 1344m.

Exercise Run
Course Corenc - Grenoble
Distance 6.24K
Time 1:11:47
Pace 11:29
HR 109
Calories 371
Comments Still sunny and hot. We walked all the way from La Garenne, Corenc to home. Total descent 413m and ascent 40m.

@ Fri 07/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 6.56K
Time 43:38
Pace 6:29
HR 140
Calories 444
Comments Sunny and hot, +28C. I ran 7 x 2min at effort 4 or more like 3, around 5:30min/km, with 3-minute rests of jogging in between.

@ Wed 05/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 7.4K
Time 1:10:18
Pace 9:07
HR 133
Calories 492
Comments Sunny and warm, +17C. We ran hill intervals: 2min at effort 2 (walk), 2min at effort3, and 2 min at effort 4, and then 1-2 min recovery walking downhill. Repeat 5 times.

@ Tue 04/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 3.42K
Time 24:44
Pace 7:07
HR 124
Calories 241
Comments Sunny and warmer, +14C. A short and easy run.

@ Sun 02/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course Les Saillants-du-Gua - Vif - Seyssins
Distance 19.2K
Time 2:30:59
Pace 7:26
HR ?
Calories 1315
Comments Mostly cloudy and not so warm because of strong northerly wind. We took a bus 17 to Les Saillants, and then a trail to Vif, and bicycle paths and trails to Seyssins, and finally the tram C home. Total ascent was 252m and descent 396m. Total running this week 36.72K.

@ Sat 01/07/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 5.1K
Time 31:01
Pace 6:03
HR 138
Calories 341
Comments Cloudy and cooler, +14C. This was a short tempo run: after a five minute warmup we ran about 20 minutes at 5:20 - 5:50.