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TnT's Workout Blog

"Are you guys runners? You look like runners.
They are my favorite kind of people."
- Christy Shimp
@ Sun 28/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Vif - Varces-Allieres-et-Risset - Le Pont-de-Claix - Seyssins
Distance 13.4K
Time 1:39:21
Pace 7:24
HR 125
Calories 945
Comments Sunny and warm, +18C. Another hot day for running, but we started in the shade so it was nice and cool. This was the last longer run; the race is one week away, and tapering starts today. Total activity this week 172.39km, of which 44.23km running/walking.

@ Sat 27/05/2017
Exercise Walk
Course La Tronche
Distance 6.09K
Time 1:24:11
Pace 13:49
HR 111
Calories 364
Comments Sunny and warm, +17C. A leasurely neighborhood walk, when it still was relatively cool outside.

@ Fri 26/05/2017
Exercise Bicycling
Course Le Port St. Gervais - Izeron - St. Romans - Pont-en-Royans - St. Andre-en-Royans - St. Romans -Le Port St. Gervais
Distance 128.16K
Time 7:46:53
Pace 16.4/34.9
HR 109
Calories 2760

@ Thu 25/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 13.21K
Time 1:33:11
Pace 7:03
HR 137
Calories 889
Comments Sunny and warm, +14C. We ran 8 x Yasso 800's at pace 5:03 - 5:17 and 5:24 - 5:50, with ~400m recoveries in between.

@ Tue 23/05/2017
Exercise Walk up/Run down
Course La Bastille
Distance 6.51K
Time 1:03:31
Pace 9:45
HR 120
Calories 425
Comments Sunny and still a nice and cool in the morning, +12C. We walked up and ran down.

@ Mon 22/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course X4.65
Distance 4.65K
Time 30:10
Pace 6:30
Comments Warm, first down then up, a bit of wind though to cool it down.

Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 5.02K
Time 33:26
Pace 6:39
HR 132
Calories 338
Comments Sunny and warm, +22C. An easy lunch time run on the trail in the shade.

@ Sun 21/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Plaine des Sports - Domene - Plaine des Sports
Distance 23.63K
Time 2:51:44
Pace 7:16
HR 145
Calories 1659
Comments Sunny and warm, +9C at 9am., but about +20C when we were back in Grenoble. What a gorgeous day for a long run. We ran a 5K tempo after 7 kilometer of warming up, and then about 11K to cool down. Total running this week 54.68K.

@ Sat 20/05/2017
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.50K
Time 40:00-50:00
Comments Cloudy and warm. Forgot to turn the watch on when starting back.

@ Thu 18/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 6.47K
Time 48:16
Pace 7:27
HR 131
Calories 440
Comments Cloudy and warm, +15C.

@ Wed 17/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour - N87
Distance 12.05K
Time 1:22:09
Pace 6:49
HR 138
Calories 815
Comments Sunny and warm, +14C. Another gorgeous morning for an interval run: we ran 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 1200m, 800m, and 400m with 400m recoveries, except after the first 800m.

@ Tue 16/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 8.03K
Time 56:50
Pace 7:04
HR ??
Calories 565
Comments Sunny and warm, +11C. This week we have superior weather for running.

@ Sun 14/05/2017
Exercise Hike
Course La Bastille - Mount Jalla - Mount Rachais - La Tronche
Distance 12.5K
Time 4:08:04
Pace 19:50
HR 109
Calories 818
Comments Sunny and warm, +24C. An easy recover hike. The pace was not quite that slow, since it includes some food shopping at Carrefour Express. Total running and hiking combined this week is 80.82K.

@ Sat 13/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Goncelin - Domaine - Plaine des Sports
Distance 30.15K
Time 3:38:34
Pace 7:14
HR 146
Calories 2145
Comments Sunny and warm, a little sprinkle in the end. Total running so far this week 68.32K.

@ Fri 12/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 5.34K
Time 37:30
Pace 7:01
HR 140(?)
Calories 374
Comments Partly cloudy but warm.

@ Wed 10/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere - Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 12.82K
Time 1:27:10
Pace 6:47
HR 135
Calories 867
Comments Sunny and cool, +6C. Tempo run: we ran 4 x 1600m at 5:15 - 5:30, with 800m recoveries in between.

@ Mon 08/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Plaine des Sports - Intermarche Domaine - Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 20.01K
Time 2:05:08
Pace 6:15
HR 147-152 during the tempo
Calories 1340
Comments Cloudy and cooler, strong wind. We took the tram B to the terminus, and from there we ran a 5K warm-up to the Intermarche. We bought a couple of bottles of water, took a gel each, and then started the 10K tempo at 5:32-5:50 per kilometer. We ended with a cool-down from the park. This was also the test run for my new Asics GT 2000 shoes (blue), half the size larger than previous ones.

@ Sun 07/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course Voie de Corato
Distance 5.59K
Time 38:41
Pace 6:55
HR 149
Calories 374
Comments Cloudy and warmer,+10C. We moved the long run for tomorrow, since it was raining quite heavily in the morning. That's also why the total running distance this week is only 28.46K.

@ Fri 05/05/2017
Exercise Run/stairs
Course La Bastille
Distance 5.65K
Time 57:35
Pace 10:10
HR 148(?)
Calories 377
Comments Sunny and warm, +12C.

Exercise Run
Course 2x Xerox 3.5 hills
Distance 7.0K
Time 43:53
Pace 6:16
Comments Sunny and warm, +12C.

@ Wed 03/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere - Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 11.83K
Time 1:21:56
Pace 6:55
HR 141 (mostly around 120, though)
Calories 795
Comments Cloudy and warmer. We ran 800, 1600, 800, 1600, 400, and 1200m with half the distance recovery walks/jogs in between.

@ Tue 02/05/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 5.39K
Time 38:53
Pace 7:13
HR 123
Calories 383
Comments Cloudy and a little drizzly, +6C. A slow recovery run.