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TnT's Workout Blog

"Are you guys runners? You look like runners.
They are my favorite kind of people."
- Christy Shimp
@ Sun 23/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course ViaVercors: Autrans - Meaudre
Distance 19.84K
Time 2:44:10
Pace 8:16
HR 133
Calories 1402
Comments Sunny and cool, +8-10. We had mostly nice downhill to Meaudre, but then tedious up and downhills to the headwind back to Autrans. This was supposed to be tempo run, but we could not keep up the tempo in the uphills and against the wind. Total running, hiking, and bicycling this week 94.05K, of which 55K running and hiking.

@ Sat 22/4/2017
Exercise Hike
Course Le-Sappey-en-Chartreuse - L'Ecoutoux
Distance 9.57K
Time 3:24:02
Pace 21:18
HR 110
Calories 649
Comments Sunny and warm. This was an easy hike on our rest day. The trail ran mostly in a forest, only the very peak was exposed, and had a gorgeous 360 degree to the highest peaks in Chartreuse, as well as over Vercors and Belledonne ranges.

@ Fri 21/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 6.51K
Time 1:03:08
Pace 9:41
HR 156?
Calories 435
Comments Sunny and cold as yesterday. We ran all the way.

@ Thu 20/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 6.42K
Time 48:46
Pace 7:35
HR 121
Calories 439
Comments Sunny and cold, +0.2C. An easy recovery run on the trail.

@ Wed 19/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course X 11.7K
Distance 11.7K
Time 1:14:53
Pace 6:24
Comments 3.2km + 5x800m with 400m intervals of walking & jogging + couple of km back. Cool and windy.

Exercise Run
Course L'Isere - Parc d'ile d'amour
Distance 12.67K
Time 1:24:52
Pace 6:41
HR 153(?)
Calories 850
Comments Sunny with chilly wind. After 3.2K warm-up, 5 x 800m Yassos with 400m breaks. Finished with 3.6K cool-down run.

@ Mon 17/04/2017
Exercise Bicycle
Course Voreppe
Distance 39.04K (TomTom), 41.46K (Cateye)
Time 3:08:49 (TomTom), 2:45:31 (Cateye)
Speed 12.4 (TomTom), 15.00/28.4 (Cateye)
HR 109
Calories 1170
Comments Sunny and warmer, but still strong Northernly wind, +7 - 18C. An easy recovery bike ride after yesterday's chilly long run.

@ Sun 16/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course ViaVercors: Lans-en-Vercors - Villard-de-Lans - Correncon-en-Vercors
Distance 25.01K
Time 3:20:39
Pace 8:01
HR ?
Calories 1704
Comments Mostly cloudy and cold with strong wind, +4C. We did not follow our plan to run two times from Lans to Villard and back, but continued further from Villard towards Correncon. This meant that we only had two energy gels with us, since we had planned to get more from the car before heading out from Lans for the second time. So, we had to buy more in Villard. We had 468 meters of ascent and descent in our run. Total running this week 51.18K.

@ Fri 14/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course X6.2
Distance 6.2K
Time 43:10
Pace 6:58
Comments Nice and easy.

Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 6.46K
Time 47:44
Pace 7:23
HR ?
Calories 452
Comments Sunny and warm, +18C. The average pace is low since I stopped for a couple of minutes to read a signboard detailing the trail improvement works, which have already been completed. This was also a test run for my new Salomon Sense Mantra 3 trail running shoes that replaced my 4-year-old ones.

@ Thu 13/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 6.31K
Time 43:34
Pace 6:54
HR 133
Calories 432
Comments Sunny and warmer morning, +7C.

@ Tue 11/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course X 12.6
Distance 12.6K
Time 1:17:03
Pace 6:10
Comments Interval run 400m, 800m, 1600m, 800m, 1600m, 800m with half of the distance rest (walking. jogging) in between. Nicely a bit cloudy and not too hot because of a bit of breeze.

Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour - L'Isere
Distance 13.4K
Time 1:31:31
Pace 6:49
HR 131
Calories 908
Comments Sunny and cooler at noon, +15C, with strong N wind.

@ Sun 09/04/2017
Exercise Hike
Course Voiron - Tolvon - La Croix St Denis - Le Paris - St Nicholas de Macherin - Hautefort - Voiron
Distance 18.72k
Time 5:04:57
Pace 16:17
HR 105
Calories 1159
Comments Sunny and very warm. Long and easy walk, with a couple of steep climbs, on the beautiful French countryside. Total running and hiking this week 64.08km.

@ Sat 08/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course Voiron - Notre Dame de Vouise
Distance 8.03K
Time 1:54:52
Pace 14:18
HR 129
Calories 565
Comments Sunny and cool, +5C. We ran on the road to the start of the trail, and then started walking. We took the 'direct' trail to the top and then an easier way down.

@ Fri 07/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour - L'Isere
Distance 16.56K
Time 1:49:01
Pace 6:34
HR 132
Calories 1153
Comments Sunny and cold, +4C. Tempo run: after a 4K warm-up we ran 6.2 kilometers at marathon race pace, around 5:40, and finished with easy cool-down.

@ Wed 05/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere - Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 8.22K
Time 55:30
Pace 6:45
HR 137
Calories 550
Comments Sunny and cold. After one mile's warm-up we ran 8 x 400m at 5:04 - 5:30, with 200m recovery jogs in between.

@ Tue 04/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 6.43K
Time 46:44
Pace 7:16
HR 133
Calories 439
Comments Sunny and warm, +8C. ANother easy recovery run.

@ Mon 03/04/2017
Exercise Run/walk
Course La Bastille
Distance 6.12K
Time 1:01:13
Pace 10:00
HR 138
Calories 406
Comments Sunny and warm. An easy recovery walk/run.

@ Sun 02/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course Grenoble - Vizille semi-marathon
Distance 22.1K
Time 2:29:01
Pace 6:44
HR ? (unreliable readings again)
Calories 1479
Comments Cloudy and cool, +11C. We took this more like a long, slow training run than a race. Total running this week 57.79K.

@ Sat 01/04/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 5.23K
Time 37:49
Pace 7:14
HR 125
Calories 354
Comments Cloudy and warm. A short warm-up run before tomorrow'a 22K race.