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TnT's Workout Blog

"Are you guys runners? You look like runners.
They are my favorite kind of people."
- Christy Shimp
@ Fri 26/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course Parc Paul Mistral
Distance 5.39K
Time 43:11
Pace 8:00
HR 115
Calories 384
Comments Sunny and still a bit cool in the morning, +18C. We ran 8 x 200m at about 0:55, and walk the other 200m in between.

@ Thu 25/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course Ile Verte - Parc de l'ile d'amour
Distance 8.02K
Time 48:56
Pace 6:06
HR 142
Calories 551
Comments Sunny and very, very hot, +29C, and practiaclly no breeze. Tried to keep the pace between 5:45 and 5:55

@ Wed 24/08/2016
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 3.73
Time 45:05
Pace 12:05
HR 129
Calories 278
Comments Sunny and hot at noon.

@ Tue 23/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 5.70K
Time 40:36
Pace 7:07
HR 134
Calories 399
Comments Sunny and warm. Supposed to be easy, but was not.

@ Sun 21/08/2016
Exercise Run/walk
Course La Bastille
Distance 5.86K
Time 58:01
Pace 9:53
HR 144 (?)
Calories 452
Comments Partly cloudy and cooler. We saw a lot of slow-walking runners coming down the hill.

@ Fri 19/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course Ut4M Vercors 40
Distance 40K (29.16K)
Time 11:15 (7:57:18)
Pace (16:22)
HR (116)
Calories (2081)
Comments Partly cloudy to sunny, but mostly quite comfortable because of cool breeze at the altitude. The statistcs in parenthesis are ones before the TomTom run out of Power, which was when we were in the downhill from Col de l'Arc to St. Paul de Varces.

@ Thu 18/08/2016
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille - L'Isere
Distance 3.45K
Time 26:34
Pace 7:42
HR 128
Calories 247
Comments Cloudy and relatively warm after morning's rain. This was a warm-up for tomorrow's Ut4M.

@ Mon 15/08/2016
Exercise Hike
Course Col de la Charmette - Charmant Som - Col de la Charmette
Distance 12.09K
Time 4:09:36
Pace 20:39
HR 112
Calories 856
Comments Sunny and warm. This was an easy recovery hike. After the Charmant Som we did a little (about an hour) forest loop arond Col de la Charmette. Total climb and descent was about 600 meters plus the forest walk. Total hiking and running this weeek, including this holiday Monday is 56.38K.

@ Sun 14/08/2016
Exercise Run/hike
Course Lans en Vercors (la Sierre) - Pic St Michel - Col de l'Arc - x - Col de l'Arc - les Allieres
Distance 14.30K
Time 4:56:42
Pace 20:45
HR 113
Calories 1040
Comments Sunny and very warm, although it was only +12C at 9am. when we started. Even if the ascent to Pic St. Michel was a bit tricky, this was a nice hike and we managed to run a bit. We are not quite sure we took the right trail down from Col de l'Arc towards St. Paul de Varces (the Ut4M route). We never reached the waterfall where we were planning to go (that's where we got a few weeks ago from the other direction). Total climb and descent was about 1000 meters.

@ Sat 13/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course La Bastille - Mont Jalla - Col de Vence - Corenc - La Tronche
Distance 16K
Time 2:54:09 (including breaks)
Calories 1132
Comments Sunny and cool when we leave, about +14C. The TomTom crashed in the last minutes and did not save this exercise. We mostly walked uphills and jogged down.

@ Fri 12/08/2016
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.12K
Time 44:28
Pace 10:47
HR 132
Calories 302
Comments Sunny and warm, +20C. One week to go to Ut4M!

@ Wed 10/08/2016
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.07K
Time 46:40
Pace 11:28
HR 127
Calories 319
Comments Sunny anc cool, +14C. We climbed the stairs up, and jogged down.

@ Tue 09/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 5.80K
Time 38:45
Pace 6:41
HR 127
Calories 396
Comments Partly cloudy and warm. Short and fast trail early morning trail run.

@ Sun 07/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course La tour sans Venin - Tremplin Olympique de St. Nizier du Moucherotte
Distance 10.58K
Time 2:19:23
Pace 13:10
HR 122
Calories 717
Comments Sunny and war, although a bit chilly up in St. Nizier. This was the last recce before the August 19 Ut4M race. We walked up to the ski jumping hill, and ran all the way down. This was probably the best Ut4M recce we've had.

@ Sat 06/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 8.34Kk
Time 54:07
Pace 6:29
HR 132
Calories 569
Comments Sunny and cooler, +14C. After a 2K warm-up, we ran 3 x 1K at 5:22-5:30, with two-minute recoveries in between.

@ Fri 05/08/2016
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.15K
Time 44:36
Pace 10:44
HR 132
Calories 307
Comments Cloudy, rainy, and colder, +17C.

@ Wed 03/08/2016
Exercise Run/Stairs
Course La Bastille
Distance 5.96K
Time 58:14
Pace 9:46
HR 126
Calories 440
Comments Sunny and cooler, +16C. We run all the way up except taking half of the long stairway.

@ Tue 02/08/2016
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 5.58K
Time 35:02
Pace 6:16
HR 132/
Calories 382
Comments Sunny and warm.