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TnT's Workout Blog

"Are you guys runners? You look like runners.
They are my favorite kind of people."
- Christy Shimp
@ Mon 27/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (W)
Distance 10.01K
Time 1:05:41
Pace 6:33
HR 146
Calories 678
Comments Sunny and warm, +15C. I tried to keep the even pace at around 6:00 - 6:10 per kilometer.

Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 12.0K
Time 1:12:00
Pace 6:00
Comments Sunny and warm, +15C. 3.6km at 5:34min/km pace.

@ Sat 25/03/2017
Exercise Walk
Course Bessans
Distance 6.32K
Time 1:30:59
Pace 14:23
HR 102
Calories 386
Comments Cloudy and rainy, +5C. An easy walk by the river before going to the French biathlon/nordic skiing championships.

@ Fri 24/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Tronche
Distance 6.14K
Time 44:36
Pace 7:15
HR ?
Calories 418
Comments Cloudy and warmish. A little hill run before leaving for a weekend minibreak in Savoie.

@ Wed 22/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere - Parc Paul Mistral
Distance 11.23K
Time 1:20:06
Pace 7:08
HR 141
Calories 777
Comments Cloudy and warmish, +8C. We ran 4 x 800m yassos for 4:30, with 400m rest in between.

@ Tue 21/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 5.21K
Time 37:11
Pace 7:08
HR 123
Calories 354
Comments Cloudy and warm, +10C. Quick and easy morning run.

@ Sun 19/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'amour - Domene and back
Distance 22.80K
Time 2:35:14
Pace 6:48
HR 151
Calories 1545
Comments Sunny and warmer, +10C when we left and +16C when we were back --- perfect weather for running. Total running this week 49.8K (according to TomTom 43.9K since it counts the week from Sunday to Saturday).

@ Sat 18/03/2017
Exercise Run/walk
Course La Bastille
Distance 7.60K
Time 1:06:18
Pace 8:43
HR 132
Calories 499
Comments Partly cloudy and warmer. We ran and walked every other streach of Z up.

@ Fri 17/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (trail)
Distance 6.00K
Time 39:45
Pace 6:37
HR 137
Calories 404
Comments Sunny and warm, +18 - 20C.

Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 7.1K
Time 50:00
Comments About +10C, easy but never easy enough.

@ Wed 15/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course Parc Paul Mistral
Distance 6.48K
Time 46:55
Pace 7:14 (5:05)
HR 139
Calories 437
Comments Sunny and cool, +4C. We ran 1 x 800m, 2 x 400m, and 2 x 200m at pace from 4:30 to 5:10.

@ Tue 14/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere (W)
Distance 6.92K
Time 47:47
Pace 6:54
HR 128
Calories 471
Comments Sunny and cool, +4C. Beautiful morning.

@ Sun 12/03/2017
Exercise Hike
Course Villard-de-Lans - Correncon-en-Vercors - Villard-de-Lans
Distance 16.2K
Time 3:37:04
Pace 10:51 - 11:08
HR 117
Calories 971
Comments Sunny and warm. The weather forecast promised a cloudy day, but as soon as we were on the Vercors plain, the sun came through the clouds, and soon we had a perfect blue sky. The goal was to take a bus (5100) to Lans-en-Vercors, and change to another one (5130) to Correncon, but we learned that we could continue to Villard-de-Lans, and there will be a free shuttle bus to Correncon. But the next one wasn't leaving but in 50 minutes, so we decided to walk to Correncon instead. And quite a nice walk it was on ViaVercors!. We had some uphill, and some downhill, some snow and ice, but mostly a perfect dry and smooth trail. The return was a bit more complicated as we soon realized 5130 was not running at all, and we had to walk back to Villard. This time we took the road.

@ Sat 11/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere - Parc de l'ile d'amour -
Distance 16.01K
Time 1:53:46
Pace 7:06
HR 137
Calories 1130
Comments Sunny, only +4C when we left at 9am, and +12C when we got back.

@ Fri 10/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course Xerox 6.6
Distance 6.6K
Time 39:49
Pace 6:02
Comments Sunny, not that easy as planned.

Exercise Stairs/Walk/Run
Course La Bastille - Mont Jalla
Distance 8.52K
Time 1:29:16
Pace 10:28
HR 142
Calories 553
Comments Sunny and very warm, +19C. Walked the stairs to La Bastill and the trail to Mt. Jalla, and run all the way down.

@ Thu 09/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course La Tronche - L'Isere
Distance 7.02K
Time 51:17
Pace 7:18
HR 125
Calories 478
Comments Cloudy and cool. Quick morning run in new Asics GT3000 shoes.

@ Mon 06/03/2017
Exercise Stairs/Walk/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 5.53K
Time 50:04
Pace 9:02
HR 148
Calories 375
Comments Cloudy and warm, +8C. Took advantage of the short break between rain showers.

Exercise Run
Course Xerox 6.6 clockwise
Distance 6.6K
Time 36:06
Pace 5:28
Comments Wet and cold, gotta run hard for not to freeze in thunder and hail.

@ Sat 04/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course L'Isere
Distance 5.38K
Time 34:42
Pace 6:27
HR 135
Calories 364
Comments Cloudy and warm, +14C. This was a quick morning run before all the biathlon and ski world championship action took place, but above all, the major storm and rain rolled in. And it did just few minutes after we were back home.

@ Fri 03/03/2017
Exercise Walk/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 4.41K
Time 40:32
Pace 9:11
HR 137
Calories 296
Comments Almost sunny and warm, +14C.

Exercise Run
Course Meylan
Distance 7.1K
Time 45:05
Pace 6:21
HR 155
Comments Partly cloudy, +12C.

@ Thu 02/03/2017
Exercise Stairs/Run
Course La Bastille
Distance 3.18K
Time 38:09
Pace 11:59
HR 134
Calories 219
Comments Drizzly but warm morning.

@ Wed 01/03/2017
Exercise Run
Course Northside to the tram bridge and southside back
Distance 7.1K
Time 40:15
Pace 5:40
Comments Morning drizzle but not too cold, +7C.

Exercise Run
Course Parc de l'ile d'Amour
Distance 7.34K
Time 44:16
Pace 6:02
HR 147
Calories 490
Comments Sunny and warm +10C.